Uber gives top riders a 24/7 “Premium Support” hotline

If something scary or infuriating happens with your Uber, sending an email to support doesn’t always cut it. And if you’ve ridden thousands of miles with Uber and paid them boatloads over the years, you might expect better service. You’re always just a few taps away from switching to Lyft, right?

This week, TechCrunch spotted Uber testing new “Premium Support” features that the company then confirmed to us. Uber tells TechCrunch “We’re running two small support pilots​. The first is beta testing a hotline available 24/7. The second is beta testing support from specially trained experts via our in-app support feature. Riders contact support through the app as they normally would, but receive faster, more personalized service.”

Uber tells me that for now, these…

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