Top iOS news of the week: Recover bricked iPhone, bad USB-C cables, and Apple vs. the FBI


Apple faces off against the FBI

The FBI has demanded that Apple unlock a terrorist’s phone for law enforcement and the company has refused. At stake is Apple’s fear that a special version of iOS to do what the FBI wants will be bad for all iPhone owners should it get out in the wild.

Source: ZDNet


Apple recalls USB-C cables due to flaws

Apple is recalling several USB-C cables used for charging MacBooks. The recall is due to unspecified design flaws, and these likely have to do with reported MacBook charging problems.

Source: Techbuzz


Fix offered by Apple for bricked iPhones with Error 53

Many iPhone owners have been plagued by a mysterious Error 53 that bricks the phone. There has been no way to recover from this until now, as Apple has…

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