RE2 is making bomb-defusing robots as intuitive to control as your own hands

Within a few minutes, I’ve got one hand grasped gingerly on the zipper. The other is holding the bag’s handle in place. I unzip it slowly, as if performing surgery. There’s none of the pressure of a real life battlefield, but the potential humiliation of having to start all over again in front of the film crew is enough motivation to it right this time. 

RE2 Robotics’ (pronounced “Re-Squared”) control scheme takes some getting used to. Each arm serves as an analog to the limbs on the military robot a few feet in front of me, but the control scheme and the exacting nature of every arm movement present a bit of a learning curve. After a few frustrating misses, however, I manage to save face in front of a room full of onlookers silently judging my robotic manipulation…

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