Paytm, India’s top digital payment firm, plans to rival WhatsApp with messaging and games

WhatsApp is about to get an unlikely competitor in India, its largest global market based on users. That’s because Paytm, the $8 billion-valued company behind the country’s top digital wallet, is in the process of expanding its services into person-to-person communication, games and other mobile content.

The planned update, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, will go live in a beta feature that will ship to users before the end of August, a source with knowledge of the plans told TechCrunch.

Paytm declined to comment.

The Paytm app will start out mimicking WhatsApp with chat app features including text, image, video and audio messaging, but it plans to go beyond the basics to integrate more sophisticated features. The model is something along the lines of…

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