North Korea’s new website and pro rata rights

From Extra Crunch

  • We have published the transcript for Brian Heater’s conference call on robotics.
  • Arman published report reviews on China’s luxury goods and consumer spending as well as on perceptions of automation in Europe.
  • We have Lucas Matney and Eric Peckham scheduled for today at 3pm EST / noon PST discussing GDC on our live conference call.
  • We are following up our startup lawyers Verified Experts with brand designers. Our first post on creating a brand for startups is live, and be sure to nominate a brand designer as well.
  • We will be hosting an Extra Crunch stage at TechCrunch Disrupt this September.

Wide Angle

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Stories from outside the 280/101 corridor

  • The city of Paris is preparing to tax scooters and other vehicles.

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