Nintendo is making Dr. Mario for iOS and Android

Dr. Mario was a falling-tile style game which had the player quickly trying to arrange.. pills. To kill viruses.n


This was the box art. Nintendo was just like “Mario is a doctor now” and everyone was like “Oh okay cool.” It was the 90s, okay?n

Nintendo doesn’t say much about what the game will be like, besides referring to it as an “action puzzle game”. They say it should ship by “early summer” of 2019, and will be free to download (with in-app purchases) on iOS and Android.n”,”protected”:false},”excerpt”:{“rendered”:”

Nintendo held off on building smartphone games for years, but now they just can’t stop. They started with a little stumble with the short-lived Miitomo, but then found an audience with Super Mario Run. Then came Fire Emblem Heroes. Then Animal…

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