Net Neutrality Day of Action spurs millions to speak out for online freedoms

Yesterday was the much-ballyhooed “Net Neutrality Day of Action,” an online protest day on which thousands of websites, people and services called attention to the impending revocation of net neutrality rules by the FCC. And the turnout, it turns out, was quite impressive.

It would be quite difficult to use the web at all yesterday without running into at least a handful of pop-ups, site takeovers, and funny messages all aimed at getting people to make their voices heard on the net neutrality debate.

Tumblr, Twitter, Netflix, Yelp, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Vimeo, Spotify, Airbnb, Amazon, Reddit, Etsy, YouTube, Twitch, and many, many more participated; we gathered a few interesting ones into a gallery.

The broad exposure and ease of access to feedback mechanisms (some sites let you…

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