MIT made a movie screen that brings 3D to all seats – without the glasses

Seeing 3D movies in theaters isn’t my preferred choice for a bunch of reasons, but the glasses definitely rank among its most annoying features. The cheap plastic things always have to ride atop my existing, actual vision glasses, for one, and they also always seem to be scratched or otherwise marked up. Which is why news that MIT has developed a glasses-less 3D display tech suitable for use in movie theater settings – even if it’s only a prototype – is so welcome.

You’ve probably experienced glasses-less 3D in some form if you’re reading TechCrunch – one of the more accessible ways to try it out is via the Nintendo 3DS. But even the 3DS’ latest generation handheld, which offers much-improved 3D, is designed for use by a single user, essentially looking at the…

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