iRobot’s newest mop and vacuum talk to each other to better clean up

Some spring cleaning news from iRobot . The Bedford, Mass.-based company just unveiled a pair of new robots designed to tag-team dirty floors. The Roomba s9+ and Braava Jet m6 both sport iRobot’s mapping technology, coupled with Imprint Link, which lets to two devices communicate in order to take turns on the floor.

The s9+ marks a new premium standard for the Roomba. That starts with arguably the most radical redesign in the robotic vacuum line’s 17-year history. The company’s moved away from the iconic fully round puck design that’s defined the product since its inception — and on that front, at least, it borrows from the Braava.

The front of the vacuum is flat, part of the new “PerfectEdge” tech that lets it get closer to walls — apparently one of the most…

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